Ubuhle BoMama is a female led cooperative in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal that has been operating since 2010 and officially registered with CIPC in 2015.

Through our work we celebrate, with aims of preserving tradition by using beadwork and dance as an art form. We make wearable and functional items using beads and perform traditiona Zulu dances at various events. We practice an art form that was passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers, and one that we hope will live on for generations to come and hope to be able to sustain ourselves.

What is Ubuhle BoMama? It is short for “Ubuhle bomama abasebenzayo”, which, directly translated it means “The Beauty of Mothers/Women that work.” We are a cooperative that is female led in a community that is made up of mostly fenale-headed households, and so almost by nature we have to celebrate the beauty and nature of a woman’s work. 

In an economy of high unemployment we see an opportunity to collaborate with the youth in skills sharing.

Wearable Beads

Our wearable items include a range of beaded izicholo, necklaces, bracelets, breast covers, waist belts, skits, waistcoats and shoes. These are suitable for traditional events but can also be paired with a modern outfit for a unique look at your next event.

Functional Beading

We offer standerd designs of our lamp shades, key rings, and taperstries but also create unique desings based on customer descriptions or needs. We create different designs to suit the occasion for some of our funtional items.

Zulu Traditional Dance

We are a group of women who also value movement, and movement though dance. We perform traditional zulu dance at various functions around kwaZulu-Natal.

Get in touch

Would you like to invite us to perform at your event or place and order for a custom item or one of our standard items? Send us an email by followin the “Get in touch” button on the menu or give us a call using one of the numbers below.

+27 66 334 7999

+27 82 403 8287

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